Venues for singles Madrid: Lola 09, Morocco, Recoletos Jazz ...

Monday, 29 November 2021

What would the night be without the singles ? For those who do not know, this is how singles have been called for a long time. Without a doubt, the name is much more glamorous, as is today's concept of unmatched people.

A whole world of freedom and fun opens every night to men and women who, free of commitments, can enjoy the option of going out for a drink and meeting girls and boys.

Big cities offer ideal places to do it and, how could it be less, Madrid, a city that is a reference point when it comes to nightlife and an ideal place to have a good time, offers a long list of bars for singles .

In this article we are going to show some of the most prestigious, well-known and fun venues and bars for singles in Madrid . In any of them, single men and women who live or reside in the capital of Spain will find a place in which to enjoy an excellent atmosphere and in which to have the possibility of flirting .

Bar for singles in Madrid

Lola 09

For a long time, Olé Lola was part of Madrid's nightlife and entertainment. Located on Calle San Mateo, in the Justicia neighborhood, near the Alonso Martínez and Tribunal metro stops, this place has become Lola 09 .

Its gastronomic offer, which was already powerful in Olé Lola restaurant , has reached excellence in its current version. It is precisely this offer that distinguishes Lola 09 in one of the best singles venues in Madrid .

What can you find at this singles bar other than wonderful dishes? An excellent cocktail menu, a varied clientele and a magnificent chill atmosphere.

What can we say about the decoration of the premises? Halfway between the industrial and the casual, Lola 09 Madrid offers singles from the capital of Spain an urban and fresh environment, very conducive to meeting people , crossing your fingers and, if fates are conducive, flirting.

Meetings organized for language exchange are an exceptional opportunity to interact with people from other cultures and, thus ... expand the field of action.

Jazz Recoletos

Calm, exclusive, cozy and elegant: this is the AC Recoletos Jazz Club , a single Madrid venue located in the same building as the AC Recoletos Hotel, at number 18 Recoletos street, in Madrid's Salamanca district .

The clients of this place can enjoy in the Recoletos Jazz a wonderful cocktail, a glass of wine or some of the tapas that its exceptional menu offers.

Singles from Madrid who wish to enjoy a quiet, select and sensual environment while listening to the most elegant live music can do so in what is undoubtedly one of the best places for singles in Madrid .

Recoleto Jazz

Pub Single

What better name than Pub Single for a singles club ? This Madrid venue on Calle del Tutor 57 clearly shows what type of clientele its leisure offer is aimed at.

Located in a neighborhood traditionally associated with student entertainment such as Argüelles , this Madrid cocktail bar draws attention for its retro decoration (images of Mazinger Z, Naranjito, Heidi or Marco hang on its walls) and for its musical offerings. Anyone who wants to dance to hit songs from the 70s and 80s can do so in this joint whose name is directly associated with a term that no single despises: fun.

Do you want to dance to the beat of Boney M? The Pub Single is your place. Without a doubt, one of the best places to flirt in Madrid .


Shows and live music every Friday and Saturday, this is one of the main leisure offers at Sala Morocco, one of the most emblematic venues in one of the most partying neighborhoods in the capital of Spain: Chueca.

Morocco , which was once one of the most famous cabarets in the capital, still preserves its cabaret decoration and a spicy air that is very conducive to flirting. Dancing to the music of the eighties and nineties while enjoying a drink creates the ideal environment to break the ice and provoke the rapprochement of singles that, at least for a little while, aspire to stop being so.

Morocco, which opened its doors in 1951 on Calle del Marqués de Leganés, was in the fifties and sixties a meeting place and party for soccer players, intellectuals, bullfighters, and actors and actresses of the time.

In times of the famous Madrid Movida, VIP characters such as Alaska, Pedro Almodóvar or Miguel Bosé, among others, dropped by the mythical venue. Today, Sala Morocco continues to be one of the best places to flirt in Madrid .

Night backs

If Chueca is one of the most traditional neighborhoods in the Madrid capital, Lavapiés is not far behind. There, on Calle del Salitre, you will find one of the funniest places for singles in Madrid .

The combination of three areas (bar area, dance area and vintage sofa area) is perfect for Madrid singles who want to try their luck in the art of flirting or simply meet people with whom to have a good time.

Decorated with charm, La Noche Boca Arriba organizes wild DJ sessions.

Honky Tonk Bar

Also in Chamberí, on Calle Covarrubias, 24, you will find this place with two floors where you can meet people, flirt and, above all, enjoy the rhythm and music of a good live concert.

The Honky Tonk Bar plays many styles of music, but mostly rock, country and blues predominate.

This place, open since 1887, has earned the label of Madrid agitator. Names of groups and soloists who have performed in your famous basement? Nacha Pop, Antonio Flores, Los Secretos, Ariel Rot, M-Clan ...

The top floor of the Honky Tonk Bar is a pop space with two bars, a DJ booth and small reserved for groups.

Cocktails, parties, presentations and all kinds of events are organized in this place for singles.

Honky Tonk Bar

Caravan Room

The "Back to the Future" typeface to embody its motto: “Back to the 80's”. This is undoubtedly a statement of intent and a preview of what the clientele of this Madrid singles bar can find.

Located on Paseo General Martínez Campos, 17, in the Chamberí neighborhood, this café show for singles takes you directly to the 80s. The pop-rock music that plays in the room is from that time and has become a very popular place to celebrate farewells, birthdays, afterwork , etc.

The Sala Caravan also organizes live concerts in which the "Tribute" concept prevails.

Quote 2

To finish with this list of local singles Madrid we are going to stop our gaze on a joint created precisely to tempt singles to stop being so. How? Offering the possibility of participating in crazy speed dating events.

No single who wants to stop being one and do not know what the dating or dating quick speed, these meetings are organized for the single shift can chat for just 10 minutes with people you know at that moment and that take turns between them.

Speed dating, along with smartphone applications and dating websites, is one of the many ways of dating that the new times have brought and Cita 2, this place for singles in Madrid, is a faithful reflection of our time.

Located at 28 Calle Bolivia, next to the Plaza de la República Dominicana, near the Colombia metro stop, Cita 2 offers its clients the opportunity to find their better half in one of those speed dating in Las that the bar becomes pure effervescence.

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