Erotica of luxury sports cars: status and vitality

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

One of the definitions that the RAE gives to the word luxury is the following: "high category, excellence or exquisiteness that has something for the quality of the raw materials used in its manufacture, its high performance or services, etc.".

Thus, for a car to be classified as a luxury car , it must stand out over other vehicles both for its category and design excellence (both interior and exterior), as well as for its benefits and services (top speed, acceleration, system reliability braking systems, driving assistance systems, infotainment possibilities, fuel consumption ...), without forgetting, of course, the quality of the materials that have been used, for example, to manufacture your dashboard, your seats, your headrests, the roof of your cabin ...

Without meeting all these requirements, and according to the definition of the RAE, a car could not be classified as a luxury car. In addition, in the case of sports cars , we would add one more requirement to fulfill in order to access the luxury category: its eroticism .

A luxury sports car is a monument to erotica, something essentially sexy . We will explain why.

Luxury sports car

Sports cars: vitality, speed and appeal

The idea of vitality is rooted in the image of sports cars. A car of this type asks to go. Pure and hard cane. Not surprisingly, when people talk about vehicles like this, their claw is often spoken about. Of his character. In a way, it becomes a living being. In a feline.

The nature of sports cars requires a type of road behavior and that behavior is absolutely linked to the idea of speed. Having a luxury sports car and not running is a sin. Something as inconceivable as dating a model and avoiding sexual encounters.

Luxury sports cars are made to run, to devour kilometers without even realizing it, to get drunk on speed. And in that swallowing drunken kilometers of speed there is also something to devour life, to eat it in bites, to take advantage of it until the last crumb.

And that, trying to rush life to its last consequences, is something radically sexy. Always has been. Racing in a high-end sports car has the flavor of adventure. Whoever does it is, in a way, an adventurer. And the adventurer, the image he projects on others, is an image full of appeal.

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Luxury sports cars: status symbol

But when a sports car is also high-end, there is another important factor to take into account to assess the extent to which sports cars are intimately linked to the idea of erotica. A luxury car, sporty or not, is also a status symbol. And that is also where a large part of her eroticism lies.

A luxury car is not worth less than 50,000 euros. We no longer talk about Lamborghinis or brands like Ferrari. We are talking about convertible cars from premium brands such as Mercedes Benz , BMW or Audi . And 50,000 euros cannot be paid by just anyone when buying a car.

Anyone who buys a high-end sports car shows when buying it that they have reached a certain economic level. That implies a good job and a good social situation. Whoever drives a car of these characteristics has stood out, so to speak, above the common of mortals. And that, why deny it, has its appeal.

In the same way that a vital, active, adventurous and dynamic image is more erotic than the image of something sedentary and static, the image of professional success and a good financial situation is much more attractive than that of failure at work and poverty or, at least, economic mediocrity.

Mercedes Benz

For this reason, for what it has as a status symbol, few men remain oblivious to the eroticism of luxury sports cars . This is especially relevant when you have reached that period called "middle age" and that marks the time when most people understand that the milestones that have been achieved in life should begin to take shape.

This intimate link between the idea of status and luxury cars has been perfectly studied by companies such as Cadillac or General Motors . In fact, it is based on the studies on this relationship that these companies develop a good part of their advertising campaigns and based on this, also, that they design and launch their products on the market.

Nor does the woman remain oblivious to the eroticism that comes from the idea of status granted by luxurious cars . Women are seduced by the image of that successful man who has managed to become the owner of a sports car with that level of category and excellence, but remain stuck in the concept of a woman seduced by the image of a man who drives a sports car of high-end is talking about only one type of woman.

More and more active, more and more vindictive, more and more empowered, women also value luxury sports cars as objects that can be driven by them.

It couldn't be otherwise, anyway. The progressive and always enriching and positive equality between men and women is also about this. And it is that women are also seduced by showing an adventurous image, an active image, a vital image. Look and project sexy. This, of course, the woman likes. And what better way to do it than behind the wheel of a car of these characteristics?

Audi RS8

Self-esteem, passion and exclusivity

Finally, we want to highlight three elements that increase the eroticism and attractiveness of high-end cars and, especially, that of high-end sports cars . Those elements are self-esteem, passion, and exclusivity.

In some way, these three elements are related to the factors already analyzed above or are directly derived from them. For example: reaching a certain status and projecting an adventurous and sexy image undoubtedly helps to improve self-esteem. Owning a luxury sports car has an emotional impact and that emotional impact is undoubtedly positive for those who have the fortune to get behind the wheel of it.

The idea of passion, on the other hand, is directly linked to that of adventure. Also, of course, with the personality of those people (men and women but traditionally more men) who are passionate and passionate about the automotive industry. These are informed people who, above all, especially value what refers to the benefits of the car on duty and the services it offers.

All this, in the end, is summed up in a single word: exclusivity. Who has a car of these characteristics has something exclusive, something that not everyone can have. And that, of course, has to do with status, with self-esteem, with projecting a special and unique image ... And that, ultimately, is erotic. It's sexy.