Ayurveda and sex: aphrodisiacs to improve sexuality

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Do you know what Ayurveda is ?, Do you know its meaning? Surely you have ever heard this term ... Traditional Indian medicine, a whole system (one of the oldest in the world) dedicated to health in a comprehensive way. They take care of their diet, they take care of rest, they take care of their life habits and they also take care of sex .

That sex is a source of pleasure, we already know. But it is also a source of health. Among the benefits that it gives us practiced on a regular basis, it has for health we can highlight the following:

  • Reduce the cholesterol.
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Reduces stress as it helps release endorphins.
  • Relieves headaches and also other types of muscle aches.
  • It enhances sleep quality.

Thus, since sex is a factor that directly affects health, Ayurveda could not remain oblivious to it. At the end of the day, this current is the result of a culture from which Yoga was also born (a discipline that tries to improve our stability and our mental balance from an eminently physical work) and from which it is the result, let's not forget it ever, one of the oldest and most famous sexuality treatises in history: the Kamasutra .

In this article we are going to see the advice that Ayurveda gives to lead a healthy life, what relationship it has with sex and what role traditional Indian medicine reserves for aphrodisiacs and herbs that nature gives us to improve our sexual life and increase our fertility.


Bases of Ayurveda medicine

To understand the relationship between the concepts of Ayurveda and sex, it is necessary to first understand the bases on which traditional Indian medicine is based. Ayurveda medicine is fundamentally based on the concept of dosha .

When we speak of dosha we are speaking of three energies or temperaments that, being present in every human being, constitute it. These three energies are given the following names: Vatta , Pitta and Kapha . All three are present in each one of us. Depending on our personal characteristics, one or two of these energies will predominate in us. As you can see on this Ayurveda website , this lifestyle ensures that those natural proportions of ours do not become unbalanced since imbalance is the source of all disease. Health, then, is the reflection of the balance between the three doshas, a balance that must be different for each person.

In order to balance the doshas, Indian medicine proposes three ways: eat properly, rest and sleep properly, and practice intimate relationships in a regular, conscious and healthy way.

Ayurveda Medicine

Science of aphrodisiacs

Ayurveda has eight branches. One of them is the science of aphrodisiacs or Vajikarana. The ultimate goal of this branch of Ayurvedic medicine is to strengthen the body of women and men so that they generate a greater number of eggs and sperm. That both are healthy will favor that, at the time of conception, what is born is a balanced and healthy human being.

Healthy reproductive juices translate into healthy body tissues. Traditional Hindu medicine distinguishes seven types of tissues: plasma, blood, muscles, nerves, bones, fat, and reproductive tissue. The latter, which is called Shukra Dhatu , holds the essence of the rest of the fabrics.

How to ensure that the reproductive tissues (semen, sperm and ovules) are healthy? Taking maximum care of food. The Ayurveda diet , created for each person in particular, is essential for these tissues to enjoy a perfect state of health. Eating the right foods and guaranteeing their correct metabolism is the guarantee of good fertility .

Lack of fertility and malfunctioning libido are ultimately due to improper nutrition and an inappropriate lifestyle. When it comes to improper lifestyle, Ayurvedic medicine talks about excessive consumption of tobacco or alcohol, leading a too sedentary life and not getting enough rest.

Correcting that lifestyle is essential to improve the sexual response of our body. Balancing the doshas through a correct Ayurvedic diet and an improvement of vital habits would be the first step to take to improve sexual life. The second? Apply what is known as Vajikarana therapy. What does this therapy consist of? In using herbs and aphrodisiac foods that, while promoting erection, would improve the quality of semen, sperm and eggs.

In the Ayurvedic recipe book we find the recipe for a very efficient aphrodisiac for both men and women. To make this recipe, just mix onion juice, honey, ghee (the famous butter typical of Indian cuisine ) and ginger.

Among the natural aphrodisiacs that are recommended to improve sexual life and increase sexual desire are milk, cheese, eggs, coconut milk, cereals such as rice or wheat; legumes such as red lentils, peas or black soybeans; fruits such as grape, mango, pomegranate, date, coconut, banana or custard apple; dried fruits such as walnut or almond; spices like cinnamon or nutmeg; pork, chicken, goat or rabbit; castor oil and vegetables such as garlic or onion.

This philosophy also recommends, as we have indicated, the use of herbs. Nature offers us a good handful of aphrodisiac herbs . With them we can make very effective sexual tonics when it comes to solving sexual problems of various kinds or, simply, to enhance libido.

Ayurveda aphrodisiacs

Ayurveda to improve sex

Beyond following a diet and the use of Ayurvedic aphrodisiacs , traditional Indian medicine makes a series of basic recommendations regarding how our sexual lives and habits should be. Among these recommendations we can highlight the following:

  • As an essential part of our habits, sex must be cultivated.
  • The ideal time to have intimate relationships is in the evening, approximately two hours after dinner.
  • To be fully satisfactory, the sexual union must develop in time. Quick sex is not advised.
  • Sex provides its best results when each of the partners is involved both physically and emotionally with the other.
  • If you want to develop, increase and prolong intimacy during sexual intercourse, you must ensure that touch, smell, food, drink, music and environment play an important role during sexual intercourse.

In this last tip, you can see to what extent the concepts of Ayurveda and tantric sex are related . As they are the fruit of the same culture, the concepts that unite Tantra are closely related. Thus, to a large extent, tantric sex would fulfill many of the precepts that the system recommends to good sexual habits.

What would good sex be like from a tantric perspective? As a slow and meditative form of sexual intercourse in which more than the objective of orgasm was pursued to enjoy sexual activity and the sensations of the body. A good way to train the body to increase its self-knowledge would be to regularly enjoy tantric massages and also Ayurveda massages . They are not the same, but both are beneficial for our physical and mental health.

According to tantric principles, sexual practices should focus on moving sexual energy through the body. With what purpose? With the one to heal him (if he were sick), transform him (into something healthier and connected with the energies of the universe) and illuminate him.

Ayurveda assumes a large part of these principles, defends them with its advice and proposals and also recommends a warm shower and drinking warm almond milk with a little sugar after having had a sexual relationship in order to regain potency. and sexual vigor.

As much as Ayurvedic medicine recommends making sex a habit, we must move away from the idea that it defends itself from having it for having it. Nothing is further from reality. For example, it warns against the harmful effects of promiscuity on health. Promiscuity, he argues, affects a person's aura and immune system. He also recommends not having sex when you are sick or after eating.

The last advice, and with which we are going to put an end to this article, is the following: sex should never be practiced out of obligation, it should only be practiced when you feel like it. Another thing, of course, is that we always want to. Or almost always.

Improve sex with ayurveda